“A heretic group of non conformists in the mid 16th century, who denied the authority of the church and scriptures, instead calling on individuals to listen to the divine within themselves- regarded by the government as a threat to social order.”



All songs original, except for "In the Pines" traditional

Greetings From The Ranters.

The Ranters just released Rant On, Children, listen/purchase on bandcamp. Or for CD purchase contact: rock@eldivino.com [EMAIL].

Rant On, Children

At the beginning of 2020, Gillian and Rockland were preparing for their annual trip south, as “The Ranters” through the states of Washington, Oregon, California, and this year Louisiana.


Then fell the ides of March, and with it the global pandemic. All bets were off! Being locked down, like the rest of the world and music industry, they took advantage of the downtime to write and record nine songs of a ten song album.


Taking inventory of the world around them, they wanted to bring the current events to attention in the music, as did the songwriters during the 1960’s.


In these recordings, “The Ranters” review subject matter of localized racism, destruction of environment, and increasing homelessness. Throughout these songs, there lies a thread of healthy contempt for religious authority, as well as a touch of humour and optimism.


“The Ranters” hope that you enjoy this musical offering of contemporary roots/blues titled “Rant on, Children”.

The Ranters - Rant On, Children - Album Cover


Rockland Moran – Acoustic, 12 string, Electric and Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Mandola,
Mando-Stien Slide, Harmonica, Vocals

Gillian Wale – d’Aigle (TLC) Chromatic Autoharp, Frontalini Diatonic Concertina, Vocals

Guilty By Association
Tony DiGregorio- Upright acoustic Bass and Drum program
Ron Wells- Drums
Vince Pollitt- Trumpet, Coronet and assorted mutes
Phil Robertson- Drums
Geoff Eyre- Drums
Bill Fulton- Bass
Peter Kilgour at Beat Studios
Evan Rabby at companyzero
John Lawrence – cover art
Kristia DiGregorio of 1120 Productions
Produced and Arranged by Rockland Moran
All songs SOCAN/BMI